Assembling Scrum Falcon

Hi, my name is Alex the founder of I will be showing you on how to set-up one of my Scrumboards.

I am selling three models;  Scrum Eagle – Large, Scrum Hawk – Medium and Scrum Falcon – Small.

For this video, I will set-up Scrum Falcon. This scrum magnetic whiteboard is new in box and four feet long. Good for one to four team members.

What’s inside the box:
  1. Stand
  2. Wheels and Holders
  3. Tools
  4. Magnetic board – plain white board and scrum templated on the other side
  5. Manual
First three things you need to do:
  1. Open your new Scrumboard in the box
  2. Open and prepare all the materials as it come in package – stand, wheels and holders and tools.
  3. Read the manual and start assembling the board.

How to set up the Scrum Falcon:

Image Instructions

Scrum Falcon

Attach the  wheels (m and n) to the short steel (k). Apply it to both sides.

Scrum Falcon

After that, connect it to the stand (d). Apply it to both sides.

Scrum Falcon

Next, connect the two stand with the first long cross bar (c).

Scrum Falcon

Then, connect the second cross bar (c) in the middle.

Scrum Falcon

Now lets get the board set-up. In both sides of the board, attach (g) together with the screw (p).

Scrum Falcon

Then attach the black plastic (h) to the screw (p). Apply it to both sides.

Scrum Falcon

Next, put the board holder (f) into the top of the stand. Apply it to both sides.

Scrum Falcon

Now, you can attach the board. Just make sure that the board holder (f) connects it to the stand (d).

Scrum Falcon

Then, add the small circle (r) to both sides.

Add the holder twister (j). Make sure to tighten both sides.

Next, add the pen holder tray. Either below the below the board or the second cross bar.

Finally, you can put the card holder and put some magnetic cards. The board now is ready to use.

For any mentioned parts in the above instructions, kindly refer it to the manual below.

Scrumboards Set up instruction sheet


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