A Professionally Designed Physical Scrum Board

Professionally designed and commercially available physical Scrum Board that is aesthetic and stimulates teamwork and provides good insight to the Sprint. It is a physical tool with tactile advantages, designed to support Scrum teams as they go through their Sprint/Iteration.

They can be used alone, or alongside other project tracking tools, not getting in the way but is a supplemental information radiator. For example works in conjunction with scrum software or bug tracking tools like Jira and virtual task board software.

Each model ScrumBoard is double-sided with the Scrum Template printing on one side and a glossy blank whiteboard on the other. Its Cards are magnetic and dry erasable

Increased the visibility of the work items for all (even the non technical people) to see. One huge advantage of better visibility is that it allows team members to adapt, for example a team member ahead is able to help those who are behind. They also help improve team communication and cohesion.

They help bring better Return on Investment of an expensive software teams and are also tax deductible being that you can file them as a capital expense for your business.


Ideal for teams up to eight members. Scrum||Eagle provide great visibility into the project’s progress, in a non intimidating way, so teams can work better together, see the scope of what is being released and when.

The board measures Eight feet long and four feet high.

SCRUM||HAWK – $363

Scrum||Hawks task boards are good for tech discussions and should help improve the engagement factor of your Sprint/Scrum and enhancing your SDLC management method.

The board measures Six feet long and four feet high.


The smallest of the three models, it can support agile sprint for a smaller Scrum team. It is a good option if you do not have a lot of office space and your development team is of three or less people.

The board measures four feet long by three feet high.


I will also include a bonus music conducting baton from Mollard as a thank you gift.
Manage your team and use the right tools. – Choose Scrum||Boards



  • Green for User Stories.
  • Red for defects
  • Blue for Dev/Sec Ops and technical tasks.

They are Six inches by four inches and analogous to an index card. These cards have fields for: ID/Title, Points and Priority.

  • Gray

Neutral to be sub-tasks of the task cards these are four inches by four inches an analogous to a post note. The sub-task cards have fields for Owner and Time so a Task can be broken down and its sub-tasks estimated.


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