Scrum||Boards Task Cards

Task-Board Cards Available

User Story

$1.75 USD per card


$1.75 USD per card

Task Card

$1.75 USD per card

Sub-Task Card

$1.50 USD per card

Call Alex at 619-315-8230 to place your order of quantities and colors.

Task-Board Cards

  • The task card in back backlog holder

  • Blue Task Cards in Scrum||Eagles Task board Stories Column.

  • The task board columns are Kanban inspired

  • Blue and Red Cards on Board

  • Close up shot of the blue task card

Product Features


Green – For User Stories or new features.

Blue – For Devops style tasks or Items that are not directly code related.

Red – For defects, bugs and patches, Issues reported from the field.

Grey– By divide and conquer, being able to break down and carry out, these cards are to
guide in steps of execution the things needed to make your User Story, Task or Defect complete.

Card Template

So the team can weigh business value (priority) to level of difficulty (points) of the feature,
the Green,Blue and Red cards have ID, Points and Priority areas on their

The Gray cards have Time and Owner, to show who will carry out this task and how
long it should take.


The User Stories Tasks & Defects are Six inches by Four inches. They are designed to
match Index cards, five inch by three inches

The Sub-Task cards are Four inches by Four inches.

They are designed to match similar sizes of post it sticky notes, which are typically three
inches by three inches.

We revised the dimensions of the cards to be in inch larger due to the dry erase pen’s diameter,
we also resized the scrumboards template and backlog holder due to the decision made for larger