Scrum||Eagle Scrum Task-board

Once Scrum||Eagle is unboxed and set up with no user stories on it.

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  • Largest size with eight rows/swimlanes in the task-board.
  • Kanban Style taskboard with thinner in progress columns.
  • Template includes release calendar, Sprint burn grid and impediments/blank area.
  • Scrum||Eagle comes with a double columned backlog holder. It is the only model with two columns.

Ideal for teams up to eight members. The board measures four feet height and eight feet in width. The Stories Column can hold up to 22 cards. It also features a regular plain magnetic dry erase whiteboard on the back. It comes on a freestanding frame that’s easy to set up and is on casters with breaks.

Scrum||Eagle is designed to support a team on a Scrum Based Software development lifecycle. It can work in tandem with software-based task-boards, using a Scrum Boards as physical supplement in the office that can co-exist with online ticketing systems.

By providing excellent visibility into a Sprint’s progress and making a good stage for the Daily standups – Scrum||Eagle increases the productivity and focus of a development team practicing Scrum.

With those teams practicing Scrum, A Scrum||Eagle should provide a good R.O.I with respect to a software project’s overall development budget.

Price: $445.19 + 7.5% Tax

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Product Features

Items Dimensions (mil)/Quantity Details
Task Board: 2500 x 1295 x 45 – 1 Dry erase reversible whiteboard. Templated on one side and a plain whiteboard on the reverse.
Stand on Castors: 2650 x 670 x 94 – 1 Aluminum frame that is easy to set up with wheels that have breaks that lock into place..
Backlog Holder: A fitted steel constructed backlog holder with magnetic attraction. It’s sandblasted white to match the boards color.Its edges have been rounded for safety. It displays up to 90 cards.
User Story Card 6 inches by 4 inches – 35 count Green dry erasable magnetic card with bonus dry erase pen. Cards are templated for scrum with points and priority and an ID/Title line. It can match up with cards in someone’s online task-board.
Defect Card 6 inches by 4 inches – 30 count Red dry erasable magnetic card with bonus dry erase pen.
Task Card 6 inches by 4 inches – 20 count Blue dry erasable magnetic card with bonus dry erase pen.
Sub-task Card 4 inches by 4 inches – 40 count Smaller gray sub task cards.

Scrum||Eagle with each colored cards cascaded on it.
Plain Whiteboard on the reverse side.
Colored blue, green red and grey, these are the cards for User Stories, Defects, Tasks and Sub tasks, cascaded on the Scrum||Eagle magnetic board.