The smallest of the three models, it can support agile sprint for a smaller scrum team. It is a good option if you do not have a lot of office space and your development team is less than five people. There may also be a focused effort/process or rockstar developer in a bigger team that can benefit from one.


  • Scrum||Falcon physical agile task board

  • Scrum||Falcon backlog holder with user story cards

  • The task board columns are Kanban inspired

  • The Sprint burndown chart template on the taskboard

  • Close up shot of the blue task card

  • The dry erase user story card and sub task card.

  • A handsome physical Scrum board

  • l

    Plain white board in the back.

It is ideal for a small scale Scrum software projects. The backlog holder holds the cards in a cascading fashion which makes it easy to sort and rearrange in terms of business value and and provide good backlog visibility at a glance.

Scrum||Falcon is a task board that was made for scrum software development. The board, cards and cardholder come new in their boxes.

They are meant to bring Return on Investment of an expensive software team. It is a tool for them, and it is aimed to make their sprints brighter by being a better looking taskboard.

It is a physical tool with tactile advantages, it also works in conjunction with scrum software or bug tracking tools.

Adding superior visibilityto the Sprint’s status. It also helps improve team communication and cohesion which allows team members to adapt, with team members ahead able to help those who are behind because the can see the progress clearly.

Product Features


Details Weight (kg) Dimensions (mil) Quantity
Whiteboard: 11.2 1300 x 995 x 45 1 pc.
Smooth double sided dry-erasable magnetic whiteboard with one side templated for Scrum/Agile development.
Stand: 12.9 445 x 670 x 9 1 pc.
The stand is made from Aluminum. The stand comes on rollable castors that have breaks. It comes with setup instructions and the tools needed.
Backlog Holder: 1 pc.
The Backlog Holder displays up to forty five cards. It holds the cards in a cascading fashion so you can read the titles. It is made from steel construction, sandblasted to match color and fitted to mount the task board
User Story Card 6 inches by 4 inches 15 pcs.
Green dry erasable magnetic card with bonus dry erase pen. Cards are templated for scrum with points and priority and an ID/Title line. It can match up with cards in someone’s online task-board.
Task Card 6 inches by 4 inches 10 pcs.
Blue dry erasable magnetic card template with points and priority. Also has bonus little dry erase pen.
Defect Card 6 inches by 4 inches 15 pcs.
Red cards to represent defects and bugs. Also templated with points and priority template.
Sub-task Card 4 inches by 4 inches 20 pcs.
Smaller gray sub task cards. Templated with owner and time.


Price: $279.63


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