• Six feet long and four feet high. It is a magnetic whiteboard on a stand.
  • Scrum Task-board template designed to support teams through Sprints and while the other side is a regular whiteboard to aid in development discussion etc.
  • It comes with a steel, powder coated backlog to hold the cards in order of priority
  • It comes with around 100 magnetic dry erasable cards.
  • Six inches by four inches, Green for User Stories red for Defects and Blue for Taks
  • Four inches by four inches, Gray for the subtasks.
  • Regular dry-erase whiteboard on the reverse side.

Scrum||Hawk’s task boards provide great visibility into the project’s progress, in a non intimidating way, so teams can work better together, see the scope of what is being released and when, help those in need and so on. Scrum||Hawk will help improve the quality of your Sprint/Scrum, enhancing your SDLC management method.

Scrum||Hawk is double sided with a regular whiteboard on the back. This is good for tech discussions.

  • Scrum||Hawk the handsome task board

  • Scrum||Hawk Task Board Assembly Instructions

  • Scrum||Hawk Verify column with User Story and Defect cards

  • Scrum||Hawk profile shot

  • Scrum||Hawk task board

  • Scrum||Hawk backlog holder with cards in it.

Product Features

Details Weight (kg) Dimensions (mil) Quantity
Whiteboard: 17 1900 x 1295 x 45 1 pc.
Smooth double sided dry-erasable magnetic whiteboard with one side templated for Scrum/Agile development.
Stand: 15.5 2050 x 670 x 94 1 pc.
The stand is made from Aluminum. The stand comes on rollable castors that have breaks. It comes with setup instructions and the tools needed.
Backlog Holder:     1 pc.
The Backlog Holder displays up to forty five cards. It holds the cards in a cascading fashion so you can read the titles. It is made from steel construction, sandblasted to match color and fitted to mount the task board
User Story Card   6 inches by 4 inches 25 pcs.
Green dry erasable magnetic card with bonus dry erase pen. Cards are templated for scrum with points and priority and an ID/Title line. It can match up with cards in someone’s online task-board.
Task Card   6 inches by 4 inches 15 pcs.
Blue dry erasable magnetic card template with points and priority. Also has bonus little dry erase pen.
Defect Card   6 inches by 4 inches 20 pcs.
Red cards to represent defects and bugs. Also templated with points and priority template.
Sub-task Card   4 inches by 4 inches 30 pcs.
Smaller gray sub task cards. Templated with owner and time.

Price: $363.69

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What is cool about Scrum||Hawk

Physical task boards work in tandem with tools like Jira/Bugzilla/Rallydev as you can easily put the id of your ticket/story/defect on the card.

  • I had them professionally designed with with my best of knowledge/research including Kanban influences.
  • The board is magnetic, made for scrum with a task-board template, release calendar template, burndown chart template and blank area for listing impediments.
  • I also had a fitted cascading backlog holder, made from steel, sandblasted to be the same color. It really easy to see the card ID/Title and organize the cards in business priority.
  • It comes with color coded magnetic dry erasable cards, each of the cards come with a bonus little pen.You will get enough cards to perform your sprints and build your backlog.
    • Green for user stories. Six inches by four inches. The cards have fields for ID/Title, Points and priority.
    • Red for defects, six by four. Same fields.
    • Blue for task, six by four. Same fields.
    • Gray for sub tasks. Four inches by four inches.The sub task cards have fields for Owner and Time so a ticket can be broken down and its tasks estimated.